Agriculture Business

Cert of Achievement with 8-15.5 units

The Agriculture Business Certificate of Achievement is designed for students interested in working in the area of agricultural related business. Career opportunities in agricultural business may include working in banking, agricultural/farm credit, agricultural insurance, consulting firms, or agricultural product distribution and sales.  The agricultural business sector is infused within all aspects of agriculture: across production, processing, distribution, and support opportunities linked to agriculture. In the state of California, agriculture is the #1 commodity which further increases our student’s employment opportunities.

This certificate is designed to provide students with a solid business foundation related to the agriculture industry, using specific commodity examples that are marketed and sold. This program also prepares students to transfer to an Agriculture Business program at a four-year university. Students who plan to transfer should talk to a counselor or advisor to select appropriate general education and elective courses that will meet the requirements of the chosen university program. 

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Apply critical thinking skills to information related to and applied to agricultural business; develop conclusions, and apply sound practices and problem solving during business processes
  2. Apply the scientific method to understand, critically evaluate, and apply scientific knowledge into applied working skills in the agricultural business industry.
Program Requirements:

Required Courses
Course Block Units: (15 Required)
AG4 Introduction to Agricultural Business 3
AG5 Agriculture Economics 3
AG6 Agricultural Sales and Communication 3
AG11 Agricultural Accounting 3
AG12 Computers in Agriculture 3
Total: 15