Sustainable Agriculture

Cert of Achievement with 16-29.5 units

Woodland Community College is located in Yolo County, home to a diverse group of farms and many Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups in the Capay Valley.  The Woodland Community College Sustainable Agriculture Certificate of Achievement program is designed to engage students in agricultural practices and techniques that promote sustainability.  Core courses introduce students to career opportunities and field experiences, while foundation courses in plant and soil science provide students with background information in general agriculture.  The major courses in pest management and sustainable food systems emphasize specific approaches to sustainable agriculture and resources linked to energy.

This program will prepare students for high demand occupations that involve sustainable agriculture practices.  Typical jobs include: farming, agriculture production, market gardener, farm manager, propagator, crop consultant, organic inspector, farm advisor, agricultural supplier, compost production, food technologist.

Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Evaluate agricultural data, draw reasonable conclusions, recognize the environmental implications of these conclusions, and apply these conclusions to examples used in industry.
Program Requirements:

Agriculture Career Core Courses (12 units required)
Course Block Units: (12 Required)
AG15 Introduction To Agriculture Education and Careers 1
AG32  or Internship 2
  CWEE45A Occupational Work Experience-Volunteer 2
AGSA51 Green Technology Alternative Energy 3
ENVTC20 Water Distribution System O&M 3
AG50 Fundamentals of Environmental Science 3
Agriculture Science Breadth Courses (4 units required – choose one)
Course Block Units: (4 Required)
PLSCI20L Principles of Plant Science 4
PLSCI22L Introduction To Soils 4
Major Courses (9 units required)
Course Block Units: (9 Required)
AGSA11 Introduction To Sustainable Food Systems 3
PLSCI30 Principles of Pest Management 3
PLSCI31 Introduction To Sustainable Agriculture 3
Total: 25