Agriculture Research Technician

Cert of Achievement with 16-29.5 units
The Agriculture Research Technician Certificate of Achievement combines preparatory coursework in workforce development with major specific topics in plant or soil science, to develop the pathway within agriculture.  Students will be able to develop a base set of skills that are required to be successful in the increasingly complex business and production operations in the agriculture industry.  Students will be prepared for this high demand industry following completion of coursework spanning research in workforce and careers, agricultural markets and policies, quantifying the value of farm operations, and recognizing the impact of food production and the environment in sustaining life.
Program Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this program, students will be able to:
  1. Apply critical thinking skills to information related to and applied to agriculture production; develop conclusions, and apply sound practices and problem solving during business or production of food.
  2. Apply the scientific method to understand, critically evaluate, and apply scientific knowledge into applied working skills in the agriculture industry.
Program Requirements:

Required Courses
Course Block Units: (19 Required)
AG5 Agriculture Economics 3
AG60 Preparing for 21st Century Workforce in Agriculture 3
CHEM2A Introductory Chemistry 5
MATH52 Intermediate Algebra 4
PLSCI20L  or Principles of Plant Science 4
  PLSCI22L Introduction To Soils 4
Total: 19