Yuba Community College District

Yuba College Course Outline

Course Information

Course Number: MATH 16
Full Course Title: Concepts and Structures of Mathematics
Short Title: Concepts of Math
TOP Code: 1701.00 - Mathematics, General
Effective Term: Spring 2011

Course Standards

Course Type: Credit - Degree Applicable
Units: 3.0
Total class hours: 162.0
Total contact hours in class: 54.0
Lecture hours: 54.0
Hours outside of class: 108.0
Repeatable: No
Grading Method: Letter Grade Only

Course Description

Designed for students who plan to become elementary school teachers. Problem-solving, probability and statistics, measurement and the metric system, and geometry. Essays on topics of current interest to the teaching profession, class presentations, and a study of techniques and materials used in today's elementary school classroom may also be included. (L, M)

Conditions of Enrollment

Satisfactory completion of: MATH 51; MATH 52



Course Lecture Content
  1. Introduction to Problem Solving
  2. Probability and Counting
  3. Basic statistics
  4. Introductory Geometry
  5. Metric Measure, Constructions, and Congruence
  6. More Concepts of Measurement: Perimeter, Area, Volume, Length, etc.


  1. Apply the Polya Model and other techniques of problem solving.

  2. Analyze combinatorics and compute probability and mathematical expectation.

  3. Evaluate basic statistics.

  4. Apply concepts of plane and space figures, angles and networks.

  5. Apply the metric system, estimation and analysis of error.

  6. Analyze congrence and constructions, similar figures and properties.

  7. Define areas of polygons, surface areas of polyhedra and spheres, volumes, mass and temperature.

  8. May include: Apply the Polya Model and other techniques of problem solving. **Requires Critical Thinking**

Student Learning Outcomes


Methods of Instruction

Distance Education

Delivery Methods


Reading Assignments
Writing Assignments

Methods of Evaluation

Course Materials

  1. Bennet, Burton, and Nelson. Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers, 8th ed. -, 2010, ISBN: -