Yuba Community College District

Yuba College Course Outline

Course Information

Course Number: MATH 52
Full Course Title: Intermediate Algebra
Short Title: Interm Algebra
Effective Term: Fall 2012

Course Standards

Lecture Hours: 72.000
Total Units: 4.000
Total Hours: 72.00
Repeatable: No
Grading Method: Letter Grade Only

Course Description

Fundamental operations of algebra; linear and quadratic equations and inequalities; exponents and polynomials; rational expressions; radicals and fractional exponents; graph of a straight line; linear and quadratic system of equations; conic sections; exponential and logarithmic functions. (L,M)

Conditions of Enrollment

Completion with a C or better in: MATH 50



Course Lecture Content
  1. Introduction
    1. Set of numbers
    2. Exponents and polynomials.
    3. Rational expressions.
    4. Radical expressions.
  2. Solving equations and inequalities.
    1. Solve quadratic equations.
    2. Solve rational equations.
    3. Solve exponential and logarithm equations.
    4. Solve systems of linear and quadratic equations.
    5. Solve quadratic and rational inequalities.
  3. Applications
    1. Conic sections (parabola and circle). (Optional: ellipse and hyperbola.)
    2. Exponential growth and decay.


  1. Simplify and manipulate algebraic expressions containing fractions, integral and fractional exponents, and radicals.

  2. Simplify and manipulate complex numbers and solve equations with complex roots.

  3. Solve linear, quadratic, and rational equations and inequalities. **Requires Critical Thinking**

  4. Graph papabolas and circles. (Optional: Graph ellipses an hyperbolas.)

  5. Use a calculator to evaluate the exponential and logarithm functions.

  6. Solve exponential and logarithm equations, and applications using these functions. **Requires Critical Thinking**

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Computation – Solve rational equations.
  2. Computation – Solve exponential and logarithmic equations.

Methods of Instruction

Distance Education

Delivery Methods


Hours per week on assignments outside of the class:

Methods of Evaluation

Course Materials

  1. Elayn Martin-Gay. Beginning and Intermediate Algebra, 4th ed. Prentice Hall, 2009, ISBN: 13: 978-0136007319
  1. Scientific calculator: Texas Instruments TI-30X IIS